SMARTONE cart is made for film industry professionals who value ​​time, quality and work comfort.
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1. Do the wheels hid inside the wheelchair when it is closed?

– yes, they hide.


2. Can accessory attachments rotate in each direction?

– until the steel vertical 35mm tube does not lean against the trolley.


3. Can I install several fixings per leg?

– yes, you can.


4. Do the mounts hid inside the wheelchair when it is closed?

– so hides. In some cases you also need to remove the 35mm steel pipe from the fixings and slide the legs to the bottom of the trolley to fit the wheels. This depends on which leg and in what configuration the accessory mount is installed.


5. Do the wheels have brakes?

– yes, two swivel wheels have brakes that are actuated with the foot pressed to “ON” or released by foot pressure to “OFF”.


6. What is the maximum capacity of the accessory attachments?

– maximum lifting capacity is 30kg. It is important to remember that with heavy equipment you should not move them too far from the center of the truck’s weight. Otherwise we can overturn the trolley. We recommend installing heavy equipment at the front or rear of the trolley, near the side. We do not recommend installing heavy equipment on the sides of the trolley.